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How to add a page if not listed

If you are the admin/editor of the page, but do not see the page listed in ELISA. Then the authorization made during login may have to be updated to include the new page.


Quick fix (maybe)

First try to visit my facebook pages and click .

Is the missing page listen below, then just click .

If not continue below...


Step 1

Visit business integration settings on Facebook here:


Step 2

Delete "ELISA by Easy Live Sales" (Will be reconnected again) 

Step 3 

In the next screen, select "Remove" without deleting old posts.

Step 4

Press done

Step 5

Visit https://app.elisa.io/ and log out via the dropdown in top right corner:

Step 6

Click "Continue with facebook" 

Step 7

Click "Continue as (your name)"

Step 8

Click continue

Step 9

Go to "my Facebook pages"

Click edit pages

Click add by this new page

You have now authorized and added the new page